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Same Content - Different Look!
Same Content - Different Look!
Your JustType website is simply created by choosing one of our layout schemes, each with a different design and navigation.

Your own colour scheme is then applied to the chosen layout. As colour coordination can be challenging, our design team have created over 50 colour schemes for you to choose from for a professional look.

Your own custom or library masthead image is then added to the top of the layout, superimposed with your website name and description. The masthead is the image that appears at the top of every webpage.

If you opt for a library masthead there are over 600 to choose from, grouped in categories for ease of selection.

There are more than 100,000 possible combinations of layout, colour scheme and masthead - ensuring that your website is both unique and distinctive.

And remember, the layout scheme, colour scheme and masthead combination, together
with your own content can be changed quickly
and easily, at any time, at no cost.

Here is a selection of our professionally designed library mastheads:

See a video of how easy it is a change a Masthead on your website >>>

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