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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Do I need any technical knowledge to use JustType?

A. If you can type and surf the internet then you will have the skills required to use
JustType Tools™, our on-line Administration Centre, for creating and managing your website.

Q. How do I prepare my images for the website?

A. We provide extensive on-line help about this subject and on-line tools can be used to re-size your images to the required size. If you would prefer us to prepare them for you then we provide a service specifically for this – please visit the Design Services page.

Q. Can you build the website for me?

A. We have designed JustType to be as easy to use as possible so anybody with basic computer and internet skills can create and manage their own website. However, we do recognise that many people are just too busy to do this themselves and have therefore provided a Complete Website Setup service – please visit the Design Services page for details.

We can also update your website for you at any time - please visit our Maintenance Services page for further information.

Q. Can I have music and video on my website?

A. Yes. Adding Option Pack No. 2 to your website allows you to add audio and video files to your website. Please visit the Pricing page for costs and the Options page for the file formats supported.

Q. Can I incorporate my company logo on my website?

A. Yes. You can upload a custom masthead image which appears at the top of every page of your website. This can contain your logo and any other images or text you wish to add to the design. If you do not have the knowledge to do this we provide a Personal Masthead Design service – please visit the Design Services page for details.

Find out more about Mastheads >>>

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

A. No. For one all inclusive yearly fee of £69 you can create and manage you own website, including domain name registration. This will be suitable for the majority of businesses, clubs and societies. However, if you need a more substantial website or advanced features then there are additional Packages and Option Packs available – please visit the Pricing page.

See our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Q. How do I sign up for a JustType Website?

A. Click on the 'Sign-Up' menu on the left or on the link at the bottom of every page, then simply complete the sign-up form.

Q. I have a domain name (web address) already registered; can I use it on my JustType website?

A. Yes. The annual fee includes FREE transfer for a .co.uk domain name and subsequent renewals. Please visit the Pricing page for the costs for other domains. We will provide you with the necessary instructions for transferring the domain name.

Q. Can I have more than one web address pointing to the same JustType website?

A. Yes. You can have any number of domain names redirected to your website. Please visit the Pricing page for the associated costs.

Q. Can I Use My Own Webspace?

A. Your subscription to JustType includes all hosting costs and the system requires that JustType websites be hosted on our own servers in order to run the website builder software. You would of course be able to cancel any other existing hosting service when signing-up for a JustType website.

Q. Can I Have Email At My Domain Name?

A. Yes. JustType provides full e-mail support, both through a POP3 mailbox and optional webmail. This means that you can have multiple e-mail addresses (the number depends on the JustType package you have subscribed to – see Pricing page) such as ‘name@yourname.co.uk’. If you prefer to collect your e-mail through your existing e-mail address then you can ‘forward’ your JustType e-mail mailboxes to your existing e-mail account.

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